Sexual Harassment in board gaming:

What a sad and sorry state of affairs it is when it becomes more and more apparent that our beloved hobby is no different to video gaming or many other hobbies.

We like to think we're different, that we're inclusive, that female gamers have nothing to worry about, that all are welcome to the table, but for some that just isn't true.

Now sure MOST board gamers are great people, welcoming people, good people. Problem is anyone can board game and as with life in general, sexual harassment exists and rears its ugly head more often than you'd like.

Sexual harassment is real, it’s happening in this hobby and it is not going away.

Katie over at Katie's Game Corner has broken her silence on the subject and we thought it was an interesting enough read to point you in that direction. Read her blog post The Truth About Sexual Harassment in Board Gaming and let us know what you think over on Facebook.