Sheep Happens Card Game on Kickstarter

Two things, new card game on Kickstarter and sheep, that’s all you need to know to be interested right? “Sheep happens” is – according to the game designers – “a brand new card game about the endless war between sheep and goats. The game is quite simple, but despite the simplicity of the game rules, the strategies that can be used to beat your enemy are really varied”.

Sheep Happens card game Kickstarter Game of ThronesGame of Sheep! Grab Sheep Happens on Kickstarter

Here’s some other stuff you need to know:

It is not an elimination game. Every player plays until the end of the game and can make a difference at every stage!
It is not a super easy game, it will take a couple of games to really get into the gameplay and understand all the strategies that every player can use to win the game.


It is not the first and only iteration of Sheep Happens. We have plans for game expansions that we have started working on and developing further.

Sheep Happens Deus Games kickstarter project - Gameapalooza Australia Tabletop game newsSometimes Sheep Happens. And goats.. goats happen too.

Deus Games is hoping to have the game out to backers by years end.

2 – 5 Players

Check out Sheep Happens on Kickstarter.
At Deus Games official Sheep Happens website. Or at Sheep

Hopefully we’ll be able to review this for you all at some point, we’d woolly like to.