Skyward The Airborne City from Rule & Make now on Kickstarter

Another Aussie project has hit Kickstarter and this time it’s from our pal Allen from Rule & Make. Skyward is a strategy card drafting game of control versus opportunity for 2-4 players. As with all tabletop games from Rule & Make, this one looks slick, with some sweet artwork and a good quality production. Here’s the skinny:

After centuries of sparring, four factions have finally put their differences aside and agreed to combine their strengths to build a better tomorrow. As a commitment to this new alliance, they are working together to launch Skyward the world's first airborne city constructed above the point where all four empires meet.

The factions formed a committee made up of cultural luminaries to help build the city. The committee self-selects a Warden each season to assist in dividing the work among its members. You play as one of the competing luminaries to help build the airborne city and to ultimately be named the Founder of Skyward.

Skyward card game from Rule & Make now on Kickstarter

Be sure and check out Skyward (the Airborne City) on Kickstarter as it looks to be a beautiful thing.
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