Small World – Written Board Game Review

The world is small, it’s too small, the fantasy races need to conquer new regions, or they’ll be eradicated. Have you got what it takes to see your race through to the end? Welcome to fantasy war game “Small World”, an area control / player power game. Different races set out to take over different regions, problem is other players are trying to do the same thing.

Small World board game box review by Gameapalooza Australia - For Australian tabletop game news and reviewsIt’s a Small World after all… ugh.. we had to… right…

Setup, Gameplay of Small World
At the beginning of the game, players choose a race, using victory tokens (or not). To choose a race that is not at the front of the queue, a player can can spend victory coins. A player choosing a race others have passed on gets the race and victory tokens used by other players to skip it. Once players have their race and special power badge you collect the matching race tokens and it’s time to begin.

The board you play in is wholly dependent on the amount of players playing. “Small World” comes with two double-sided boards. On your turn you place tokens on a region of your choosing, the amount of tokens depends on various things within the rules. Suffice to say it’s fairly basic, but this is a review, not a rule book.

The game works well by using connected tokens, a race and special power badge. Races have special abilities and these will aid you in your quest to take over the “Small World”. Most of the abilities are thematically sound, which is nice, sometimes you might get an amusing one, like the Diplomat Ghoul. Characters have innate character abilities (for the most part), example the sea creatures the Tritons gain a bonus when conquering coastal land. It all works seamlessly.

The game comes with two boards and each is double sided for game scaling, meaning the boards aid the game in remaining true to the rules / play time regardless of how many players are playing. There’s a handy crib sheet that will help you know what the races and special powers do.

Game Build Quality
It’s a Days of Wonder game, so you probably already know it’s good quality (We mentioned this in our short Five Tribes review). Two boards, both double-sided, 6 player aids detailing what each thing is in game and game turn information. Nice thick, quality tokens and an insert made to fit everything in neatly, including a removable covered token tray. Sausage finger alert, if you’ve got bigger hands this neat insert might be annoying, because when tokens slip they can be difficult to get out. That is about the only downside however.

2-5 Players

Ages: 8+

Setup Time: A few minutes
Play time: Approx 40-80 minutes (dependent on play number).

Small World board game contents review by Gameapalooza Australia - For Australian tabletop game news and reviewsSmall World the board game in all its colorful glory.

Overall we love “Small World”, it is essentially a great introductory war game, without the overwhelming look of many war games. Everything is aesthetically beautiful and highly accessible thanks to the player aid and fairly simple turn rules. That’s not to say “Small World” lacks depth, it certainly does not, as the game goes on and the races go into decline and you have more and more occurring there is a bit to think about, it’s just not overwhelming. We think this is a must have game for most collections and there are now loads of expansions, so if you love the base game, you’re set for years.

Gameapalooza House Rules
None needed, it’s a lovely, fluid thing.

[author] [authorimage timthumb=’off’]/content/images/2016/02/gameapalooza-micro-review-icon-sm.gif[/authorimage] [authorinfo]Micro Review – Looking for a gem of a game with quite a few expansions? Look no further. “Small World” from Days of Wonder looks great, plays great and is a good game for beginners and veterans alike. It’s just a smidge off gaining our coveted Critical Hit award, a smidge.
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