Smash Up: Munchkin by AEG

You know when you’re in the office and everyone knows about something and it’s like you’re totally out of the loop. So I’m overhearing a conversation about “Smash Up: Munchkin” this morning from two other Gameapalooza traitors staffers and my chair swiveled so fast I hit 2 G’s. How did I not know about this! Two of my favorite games SMASHED together to make one EPIC game! “Seriously dude, you didn’t know about this” means no coffee runs for you!

Smash Up Munchkin Box ArtSmash Up and Munchkin in an all out epic brawl! Oh no, our mistake.. they’re friends.

Heck maybe you’re out of the loop just like me so here’s the scoop, AEG Entertainment has only gone and mixed “Munchkin” with “Smash Up” into one EPIC (booming voiceover!) GAME!! You can play the aptly titled “Smash Up: Munchkin” (such a clever name) on its own, or with other “Smash Up” decks. Add into the mix two new card types ‘Treasure’ and ‘Monsters’ and it’s all sounding super fun time awesome!

Smash Up: Munchkin with two new card types Treasure and MonstersLook at those cards, don’t you want to hold them and caress them… my precious.

We’re going to try and get a copy for our next community meetup and of course a full, blisteringly good review. Or like everyone else we will need to wait until September when it releases. Price stands at $34.99 from AEG which probably translates to something like $60-$70AUD in your local game store, because STRAYA MATE!