Smiths of Winterforge now on Kickstarter

You know we love all tabletop games coverage here at Gameapalooza, but we pay special attention to Australian made games, because we’re Aussies! With that in mind, we are letting you know Smiths of Winterforge from local designers Table Tyrant Games is now live on Kickstarter. You may recall we just ran a sweet preview of Smiths of Winterforge just last week and we really rather liked it.

Smiths of Winterforge - PreviewSmiths of Winterforge contents

Smiths of Winterforge is a euro-style, management game for 2-5 players where you control one of the six dwarven guilds of Winterforge. The cavernous halls of Winterforge echo once more with the roar of fire and the ring of steel. The six legendary guilds of Winterforge compete for the favour of the royal family, a favour that brings with it a contract of unrivaled value, the Royal Centenary Contract, guaranteed work for 100 years. Only one thing stands in your way… everyone else.

smiths of winterforge by table tyrant games and rule & make australiaThe beautiful art on the cards in Smiths of Winterforge

Get on over to the Kickstarter project page and give it the once over, hopefully you’ll be so impressed you’ll pull the trigger on backing it. Support Australian board game design.