Snakes and Lattes gets a sitcom

Canadian cafe / games store “Snakes and Lattes” bills itself – on its own website – as “North America’s premiere board game café”. Such a big deal in fact that it has somehow managed to get it’s own show, a sitcom. The show is set to air in late September, the aptly titled “Snakes and Lattes: The Show” will features actors as the two main characters, the owners / operators of a board game cafe. Comedian Jamie O’Connor will play Max Packett, a sort of cliche anti-social type whose mismanagement of the store is seeing it teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Actor and comedian Troy Matthew Martin will play his returning business partner. As to the rest of the cast, word is staff and even some regular customers of the real store may well make appearances.

“It’s really an homage to how board games have brought communities together,” says Drew Dafoe, the series’ showrunner. “You play a board game with five other people, and you learn more about those five people than you would doing any other activity.”

The real “Snakes and Lattes” resides 600 Bloor St West, Toronto and opened its doors back in August 2010. Since then its floorspace has doubled and they expanded to a bar on College Street (“Snakes and Lagers”).

The show will air on Bell Fibe and be available to stream on “Snakes and Lattes” website in late September. Being in Australia it’s unlikely we’ll get to visit the cafe, but it’s nice to see board gaming pushing into different media, hopefully this will be good and not a case of showing tabletop gamers as some cliched anti-social nerds.

Fingers crossed!