ITEMeeples from Gamelyn Games Patent Pending! – Tiny Epic Quest

We love tabletop gaming innovation, in whatever form it may take, enter ITEMeeples from Gamelyn Games. If you haven’t as yet seen the Kickstarter for Gamelyn’s newest project Tiny Epic Quest, you may not have seen ITEMeeples, essentially meeples that can hold shi… stuff! Picked up a sword? Attach it to your meeple, using a bow, you bet your ass you can attach that too!

ITEMeeples by gamelyn games tiny epic quest multi item holding meeplesITEMeeples! Meeples that hold stuff.

ITEMeeples look cool and it’s nice to see the dreary meeple getting a bit of a makeover, whilst still retaining that iconic shape. So who cares? Apparently some gamers are worried Gamelyn is trying to patent the stocky fellow himself, but Michael Coe from Gamelyn took to BGG to straighten things out:

The patent is not for the meeple shape, it is for the holes in the arms. The reason we took the legal advice to do this is because the actual product won’t hit the market for almost a year from now and considering the steep costs of just getting them to this point, we wanted to protect our investment during our Kickstarter exposure and beyond.

ITEMeeple sword attachmentThe ITEMeeple in action!

Despite this transparency a lot of people have really laid into Gamelyn for the patent pending. So what do you think? Do you think if Gamelyn came up with the idea and have somehow managed to push innovation into the meeple, they should be able to protect their investment? Does the ITEMeeple patent idea suck, or is it just smart business?

Oh whatever your POV be sure and head over to the Kickstarter, because love or hate that patent idea, Tiny Epic Quest looks pretty awesome!