Space Food Truck: One Man Left’s next game!

A quick one today in the form of digital board game “Space Food Truck” which has just hit Kickstarter. The fifth game project from One Man Left Studios is well underway! Space Food Truck is a tongue-in-cheek, cooperative digital board game for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Players work together to warp around a procedurally-generated galaxy of 100 planets in search of ingredients, then scramble to the planet craving each dish to complete recipe objectives. Finish every recipe before your ship falls apart to win.

You start by picking one of four unique jobs on the food truck, each with their own play style. If you have less than 4 players, you’ll get to control more of the crew (or all of it if you choose to play alone). Each character gets their own small deck of cards and a different job to do.

Everyone will have to pull their weight if you want to win! Each turn you’ll add new items, ingredients, and special abilities to your character’s card deck. Choosing new cards wisely is critical to doing your job, crafting recipes, and surviving the escalating hazards of deep space.

There will be 3 difficulties to choose from in the final game: Rare, Medium, and Well-Done.

One Man Left is a two man team that’s been making games since 2009, funded 100% independently by their own game sales. They cut their teeth on the Tilt to Live series and Outwitters (you can peruse their entire game library here), but Space Food Truck is – according to the developer – an effort to branch out to a new platform and make something deeper. They say they’re excited about making the jump to PC/Mac/Linux, and all the game design possibilities that opens up.

If digital tabletop is where your heart lay, head on over and check out the “Space Food Truck” Kickstarter and support One Man Left.