Star Wars Force Friday tabletop game releases

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know there is a new “Star Wars” movie coming out later this year. Along with the movie – “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” – comes merchandising and by merchandising we mean MERCHANDISING. Expect to see “Star Wars” slapped on everything from soup, to shampoo, clothes to candy.

Star Wars the force awakens Force Friday tabletop Game releasesStar Wars The Force Awakens tabletop gaming roundup

Friday of last week was termed “Force Friday” and a whole heap of new “Star Wars” toys were opened for the first time all over the globe in a live streaming event. The toys included remote controlled gizmos, Nerf blasters, action figures and of course tabletop games. We thought we’d do a roundup of the new “Star Wars” tie-in board games, card games and miscellaneous tabletop games hitting stores now / soon.

If you’re in Australia expect them to hit later than the USA because a few of us went out to a multitude of stores this weekend to nab some of these and we returned with ZERO. Big W Australia had their STAR WARS IN STORE banners out and everything in store was clothing and stuff that wasn’t new (two stores). Target Australia had two items in one of the two stores we visited TWO and disappointingly they had huge banners stating Force Friday was in store (Lies).

We have got press release info though, so without further ado let’s look at the new slew of “Star Wars” tabletop guff coming our way.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Tabletop Games

Risk: Star Wars Edition
One we reported on when it leaked ages ago is Star Wars Risk, or as the purists say “Risk: Star Wars Edition”. The board area is in the shape of Darth’s TIE-Fighter which is cool. It also comes with a multitude of miniatures in the form of the various ‘wings’ in the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Risk game The force awakens force friday tabletop game releases board game - australian board game newsStar Wars Risk, because everything needs a Star Wars makeover.

Another Star Wars: Monopoly
And to try and make it different they made a non square board, which is kind of cool, but they left the car, really, a red car? Come on now. Disappointingly for female gamers all the character tokens are male, yup, that’s right, they chose not to include Rey, instead opting for Luke, Kylo, Darth and Finn. So much for equality, but this is typical of Hasbro, a company living in the 50’s when it comes to their products. Just look at their gender split website and the assumption girls / women don’t like Star Wars. Funny, a lot of the ones we know love it.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Monopoly australian tabletop board game newsMore Star Wars Monopoly – No female character love.

Star Wars Catch Phrase Electronic Toy
Well it’s in the shape of the Millennium Falcon, so that’s kind of cool. Is it a tabletop game? Not really, but we’re including it because it’s a game. At its core this is just a word guessing game in which the player is given a word and without using that word gets the other players to guess it. Buy Codenames instead.

Star Wars the force awakens tabletop game news catch phrase gameapalooza-australiaNot really a tabletop game, but it’s a game so we’re including it

Star Wars Chess / Battleship
Yawn, chess and Battleship get more Star Wars flavoured reworking. Battleship is kind of cool we guess, because the ships are of course ships from the Star Wars universe, so we’ll pay that even though it’s essentially plastic with no soul. Star Wars Chess is similar to the last Star Wars chess iteration, with crappier pieces. And Kylo Ren is slapped on the board art because KYLO REN.

star wars the force awakens tabletop game news star wars battleship game - gameapalooza australiaMore Battleships, err, ship. Star Wars twist, kind of cool.

Star Wars the force awakens chess set australian tabletop game news by gameapaloozaStar Wars Chess, the last version had way better figures – Just sayin.

Star Wars Loopin’ Chewie Game
We actually kind of want this one. “Loopin’ Chewie” is essentially a dexterity game in which players try and stop Chewie knocking their troopers off a parapet. It’s simple and it’s plastic with no soul, but it’s so adorable we want one. Great if you have younger game players in the house, it’s ages 4+ and ridiculously simple… and adorable, we mentioned it’s adorable right?

Star Wars Loopin Chewie tabletop game for kids and adults alike board game news australiaLoopin’ Chewie Star Wars tabletop game for kids and dare we say adults too.

Star Wars Hand’s Down! Card Game
Another one for the younger gamer in your life is “Star Wars Hands Down”, a card game kind of like snap, but with a spinner as the mechanic rather than card matching. The artwork is adorable featuring cartoon versions of the characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, C3PO even has his red arm. Cute. Age 4+

star wars hands down card game tabletop game news australia by gameapaloozaStar Wars Hands Down card game, looks pretty cool.

Star Wars Duels Card Game
Another card game with a Star Wars tie-in comes to us in the form of “Star Wars: Duels” the card game. Not to be confused with Star Wars Epic Duels, because ya know, this one is different. “Classic game of war with a Star Wars twist”. Age 7+

star wars duels card game force friday tabletop game releases gameapalooza australiaStar Wars Duels – Another Star Wars themed card game, because STAR WARS.

Star Wars Guess Who
Yes because Monopoly, Chess and Battleships isn’t enough, you can also get yourself “Star Wars Guess Who” with Kylo Ren on the box art…. again.. because he’s on everything. Ages 5+

star wars guess who game tabletop game news gameapalooza australiaStar Wars Guess Who another Kylo Ren boxart… just because.

Star Wars Sorry!
Sorry! is a classic, we’re not denying that, but it’s one of those games you generally play as a kid and then bin it. This Star Wars Sorry! with the Millenium Falcon shaped board almost makes us want to buy it…. almost.

Star Wars Sorry! millenium falcon board game tabletop game news australiaMillenium Falcon shaped board, almost cool enough for us to buy Sorry.

And that’s that, your tabletop game news round up of the new Star Wars The Force Awakens merchandise. We imagine this is the tip of the iceberg given Disney now own it and if there’s one franchise known for its merch, it’s Star Wars.

Oh to be rich eh?