No Star Wars Galactic Connexions for you, you dirty Aussie Sith!

Here on the Gold Coast / Brisbane area we’ve found Star Wars Force Friday to be a bit of a bust. Either stores advertised it as a big deal and had – quite literally – nothing at all in store, or they had one or two of the crappier items. Which tenuously brings us to Star Wars Galactic Connexions collectible trading disc game. You won’t be seeing this one in Australian stores at all, because according to a Topps spokesman the only place you can get it is U.S. store Walmart.

Star Wars Galactic Connexions a Walmart exclusive according to ToppsStar Wars Galactic Connexions – Hex dominoes yo!

This isn’t really heartbreaking for tabletop gamers, because this is essentially POGs (remember those?), small collectible discs that you use to play the game. If you’re a Star Wars fan who loves their collectibles, well you won’t be seeing any of the 86 character discs without importing them. Needless to say there are chase discs in the form of, all together now! FOILS. Discs are sold in Starter Packs and Boosters. Starters come with 14 discs, rules, playmate and checklist. Boosters contain 5 discs, rules and the checklist.

So why are we covering this here at an Australian leaning tabletop game news site when you can’t damn well buy them? Because we’re evil, yeah we are evil and twisted and we want someone to do a Battlestar Galactica retheme, so, get on it. Seriously, they’re hexagonal.