During the most recent GenCon, Fantasy Flight Games dropped a bomb on avid fans wallets. Possibly the most famous Sci-Fi intellectual property in the world right now is getting a full blown tactical miniatures game, Star Wars: Legion.

This news is no surprise following the split between Games Workshop (GW) and Fantasy Flight Games (FFG). Earlier this year, FFG released a fantasy miniatures game ala Age of Sigmar, Runewars: The Miniatures Game. Now it seems that FFG is trying to twist the knife a little more with the release of Legion (bring it on 40K, it would seem).

For well over a year now, FFG's X-Wing miniatures game has been the highest selling miniatures game in the market, outselling each of GW's flagship IP's. Considering a Star Wars product is selling so well, FFG would be fools to sit on such a green licence. However, this game needs to be a little bit better than 'good' if we expect it to even sniff the large following that GW's 40K immense product line and fan base.

In 2014, we saw the release of Star Wars: Imperial Assault, a campaign and skirmish miniature based board game. This is such a strong and popular board game that we have seen consistent expansion releases every few months; three solid years of content. The fans of Imperial Assault, miniatures games and Star Wars can start licking their lips at the thought of so much Star Wars content coming out of FFG's ears. However, how are our wallets feeling?

The scope of Legion is yet to be fully explained until then our minds can pulse with the exciting premise of Stormtroopers against a hoard of Jedi, or the infamous Gungan's going toe-to-toe with a band of Bounty Hunters. The possibilities are endless when a game is based on lore not story, players can create their own stories in the fantastic Star Wars universe. But, is this all a pipe dream or will FFG actually deliver?

It's unclear whether this will be a great game or not. We know that the system looks solid, players will use a combination of dice and set rulers to move and attack opponents. The art looks fantastic. The miniature moulds are a little larger than its younger brother, with an emphasis on larger models (speeders, walkers, tanks, etc.). The stylised look of the art is different enough when compared to the other games in the Star Wars line. The price looks right being projected at $90 USD MSRP (in the US of course).

There are still some questions looming. However, it is clear that this looks like a solid package and we will be putting it to the test once it is available in 2018. Until then we can just sit on our hands and think of the exciting possibilities, or, just play other great games...

Images provided by GRISH & FFG