Star Wars Rebellion video review with a difference

We’ve got the first video review from our new video reviewer Mister Jaxon. He’s played games since before he could walk (literally!). His two-year-old view of tabletop / board games is something we find entertaining and fun (seriously this kid is a hoot when he shows up at a meetup), so we thought you might like it too. Also we were trying to think of something fresh for our Youtube channel rather than adding yet another adult waxing lyrical about games.

Star Wars Rebellion board game review Gameapalooza Australian tabletop game news and reviewsStar Wars Rebellion “I love Darth Vader, I love him”. Oh dude.. we feel bad for when that penny drops.

For his first review Mister Jaxon looks at Fantasy Flight Games title “Star Wars Rebellion”, with a questioning eye and without letting his love of Darth Vader sway his final thoughts (and for anyone wondering, we’re told he isn’t aware Darth Vader is a villain).

Star Wars Rebellion Game Review Board game reviews and news Gameapalooza AustraliaStar Wars Rebellion: There’s so much in the box.


Star Wars Rebellion
Age 14+ Pfft we baulk at your 14+, there’s plenty of fun to be had with droid fingers and imaginary space battles.
2-4 Players
180-240 minutes

For those wondering what us geriatrics thought of the game, we’re 4 games deep and we love it. Being a rebel is a hard task! We’ll be penning a full review soon (not that you need one, Mister Jaxon ends his perfectly).

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