From Beyond: Distress Call - Kickstarter:

We were contacted by Davide Tramma over on our Facebook page to let us know about his wee Kickstarter project "From Beyond: Distress Call" a sci-fi RPG Adventure fully compatible with the Starfinder RPG. He's so enthusiastic about it we thought we'd give him a little coverage to help shine some light on it.

The funds raised if the goal is reached will pay some artworks and the text revision because I'm not an english native speaker. The project goal is not just publishing this adventure. Five more episodes will be released

Head on over to Davide's Kickstarter page if you play Starfinder (or even if you don't). We've got to remember the smaller guys using Kickstarter, as well as all the big companies that have taken it over with tabletop projects the last couple of years.

Good luck Davide!

Disclaimer: This article assumes the author of the project has permissions from Paizo to run the campaign.