STEM Epic Heroes card game on Kickstarter

When we spot something on Kickstarter we think stands out, we like to let you know. This week it’s "STEM: Epic Heroes". It’s only got a few days left of its campaign, though it has made its goal.

STEM: Epic Heroes is a fun, simple, fast-paced card game where you team up with the greatest minds in history in an epic race to make discoveries.

You need to see the artwork in this game, honestly, it’s great! And they haven’t forgotten great female minds. Yup STEM: Epic Heroes features not only a lot of great male minds of science and technology (Tesla, Turing, Fleming to name but a few), it also features women like Lovelace, Ball and Clark. Now you might be thinking big deal, but you’d be surprised how often this is something overlooked. So we applaud Hologrin Studios for not taking that path.

Be sure and check out the STEM: Epic Heroes Kickstarter Campaign before it ends. It looks like it might be something special.