Steve Jackson games publishing I Hate Zombies

Steve Jackson Games is publishing BGG and Kickstarter game “I Hate Zombies”. SJG made the announcement last week (but we’re playing catchup this week so). Yes, another zombie game, because, zombies!

“I Hate Zombies” is a fast-paced card game from designer Kevin Wilson, no no not Kevin Bloody Wilson, though, can you imagine? “Hey Santa Claus you bleep, where’s my bleeping game. I’ve unwrapped all this other junk and the Yu-Gi-Oh is lame” (for those non Aussie’s, move along, or Google him).

Steve Jackson Games I Hate Zombies Australian tabletop gaming news and reviewsARGH ZOMBIES! Steve Jackson Games publishing BGG’s I Hate Zombies.

Up to twelve players (split into two teams) play zombies or humans. Needless to say the object is for one team to kill the other (using a rock / paper / scissors mechanic).
There’s no release date for this one yet, but it should retail for around $25AUD.