Stockpile – Game Review

Stocks and economic strategy might not sound like the best basis for a board game, but “Stockpile” from Nauvoo Games aims to change that. In “Stockpile” players take on the roles of stock market investors, their aim to make as much money as they can, thus winning the game. Some clever mechanics and simple gameplay (once you get into it) means “Stockpile” brings the world of the stockmarket to all players, rookie or veteran. Let’s take a look.

Stockpile Nauvoo Games - Stockmarket board game review by Gameapalooza Australian tabletop news and reviewsStockpile board game review – Some familiar investors.

Setup, Gameplay of Stockpile
Setup of “Stockpile” is simple and all laid out well in the rulebook. Each player receives a player board, meeple (two if playing the two-player variant), stock cards, insider trading cards and of course that all important money.

Gameplay is fairly straightforward. One of the cool things about “Stockpile” is that out of the box there’s two versions you can choose to play, a beginners version and a more difficult version with additional gameplay elements. The person holding the first player marker goes first and does an information phase in which players gain both insider information on companies and information everyone knows. This information tells you what companies are going to do well and what companies are not, this allows the players to bid accordingly during the bidding (demand) phase. It is a very clever mechanic, because some information is known by all players and some information is only known by each player (insider trading).

During the stock buying phase players bid on the bidding tracks until all stocks are purchased, of course you are doing this with the information you have, but you are also trying to pay attention to what other players are doing because you know they have their own insider information. So you have those moments of ‘wait why did X just sell all her shares in the electrical company, omg it’s going to drop drastically’.

That’s not every rule, that’s what the rulebook is for, but you get the picture, it all flows great once it clicks with the players. It’s actually a really smart play system, we liked it a lot. There’s chance, but also a lot of strategy in “Stockpile”, it plays very well with any number of players, though the higher the number of players, the longer the game (despite the time track which cleverly tries to circumvent this). The only downside comes if you’re playing with that guy / girl who thinks they’re an actual banker, overthinking every purchase, every bit of information. That happened during one of the review sessions and man, it was a bit of a drag, despite how awesome the game is.

Gameplay of Stockpile board game by Nauvoo Games - Written game review by gameapalooza Australian tabletop game news and reviewsAutomotive stocks look set to rise, Might have to dump big pharma though.

Game Build Quality
The build quality on “Stockpile” is really nice, the money isn’t paper it’s small laminated cards, the board looks like a sort of desk setting and it’s great quality (though we imagine with a lot of use the fold may start to have issue because it’s double sided). The player meeples are cut for “Stockpile”, they’re not standard meeples, which is a nice touch. Cards are good stock and the player boards too, top notch. Overall great quality, the only thing we’d change is that glossy box.

Gameapalooza House Rules
Zero, zip, none. “Stockpile” works so well as it is, none were needed.

2-5 Players

Ages: 13+

Setup Time: A few minutes
Play time: Approx 45-65 minutes.

Overall “Stockpile” is a great game, clever gameplay mechanics work so well that it can be enjoyed by beginners and veteran gamers alike. A compelling turn sequence keeps you engaged due to the fast-pacing of the turns (AP prone gamers aside). A great gateway game that scales well dependent on the players experience with board games. We’d say definitely check it out, probably make a purchase.

[author] [authorimage timthumb=’off’]/content/images/2016/02/gameapalooza-micro-review-icon-sm.gif[/authorimage] [authorinfo]Micro Review – You don’t need to think stocks and shares are cool to enjoy Stockpile from Nauvoo Games. Fairly fast-pacing, fluid game design and most importantly fun make Stockpile a game you should definitely check out. We think it’s a really cool game to have in your collection and it’s playable by all levels of gamer, beginner to veteran. Great fun.
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Disclosure: Gameology / VR Distribution furnished us with a copy of the game for review. This does not affect the review in any way, other than we were able to bring it to our readers. We thank them for their support.