Stronghold Games announce Stellar Conflict, City of Spies: Estoril 1942 and Piratoons

That’s winter for us in the land down under (June-Sept US summer). Stronghold Games are releasing 3 new titles: “Stellar Conflict”, “City of Spies: Estoril 1942” and “Piratoons”.

First up “Stellar Conflict” is a space-combat game (bet you never got that from the name did you?), set in the “Among the Stars” universe. Players take on the roles of an alien race involved in said space battle, deploy ships, kick ass, game over. This is a small box game wherein each player gets a race and a fleet of ships for that race (ships are cards). Players place ship cards on the table and the battle begins. Rubber bands are used as the attack mechanism, stretch between ships to see what can hit what and where. This looks like a fun mechanism, we’re looking forward to trying this one and given the size, it will travel well.

Stellar Conflict Stronghold Games Gameapalooza Tabletop game news and reviews AustraliaStellar Conflict – A lot of space battles in a tiny box.

“City of Spies: Estoril 1942” looks pretty cool, a 2-4 player Area influence / pool builder, “City of Spies: Estoril 1942” sees players trying to become the most powerful secret spying organisation. Place locations, start with 6 spies (from different countries) and try and fulfill certain elements. This one has been on our wants list for awhile, so we’re looking forward to it getting the Stronghold Games treatment. For those wondering Estoril is a town in Portugal that was important during the Second World War due to it being the centre of spies and diplomatic secrecy.

City of Spies Estoril 1942 by Stronghold Games Australian board game news and reviews by GameapaloozaCity of Spies: Estoril 1942 looking good from Stronghold Games

Onto “Piratoons”, the tongue-in-cheek family game from Oliver Gregoire and Thibaut Quintens. “Piratoons” sees players plundering their way to victory, whilst building crazy pirate ships. Allocate crew to plunder the best loot and blind bid for leftover inventory. Mess with your opponents to screw up their loot finds or maybe steal it out from under them. The European version of this got some good reviews, so we’re looking forward to the English language release. Looks like a good filler / gateway game.

Piratoons Stronghold Games Australian tabletop gaming news and reviewsPiratoons – Build pirate ships, store your loot

There’s a lot of games releasing this year fellow gamers, we are going to need to be pretty picky, or win the lottery.