Expansions for Flamme Rouge, Dark Moon, Terraforming Mars and Pursuit of Happiness inbound

Stronghold Games is getting its expansion game on with Flamme Rouge, Dark Moon, Terraforming Mars and The Pursuit of Happiness all in the works.

Flamme Rouge: Peloton is the first expansion for cycling game Flamme Rouge. It will allow the base game to be played with up to six players and is expected to release in February 2018.

Dark Moon: Shadow Corporation is set to release later this month (US) and will add a greedy corporation into the mix, sending a ship to 'help' evacuate, with the hope of sneaking back an infected specimen... hmmm where'd they get that idea. Who will be Carter Burke in your game?

Terraforming Mars expansion Terraforming Mars: Venus Next will now release next month (November) and unsurprisingly adds the planet Venus into the mix. Players will build flying cities and make the atmosphere more hospitable on the deadly planet.

Lastly The Pursuit of Happiness is getting an expansion (yay!) The Pursuit of Happiness: Community expansion introduces the concept of the local community. Community cards, a new type of cards, allow you to engage in various community events and choose their outcome. We were fans of The Pursuit of Happiness, so we're looking forward to this one.

Loads of great expansions to look forward to. Cheers Stronghold Games.