Super Dungeon Explore: Legends hits Kickstarter goal in 15 minutes

“Super Dungeon Explore: Legends”. is live! Yes it’s a Kickstarter highlight post, this one is for those of you who love adorable chibi minis. Soda Pop Miniatures launched their Kickstarter for “Super Dungeon Explore: Legends.” and within 15 minutes it was funded to the tune of around $80 grand. Little surprise really given the popularity of the series. We mentioned this was happening back in September because we figured it would be pretty huge.

“Super Dungeon Explore: Legends.” was always going to fund, their last Kickstarter funded to the tune of $1.15 million dollars. Here’s the blurb for this project in case it spurs your interest enough to head over to the Kickstarter page.

Super Dungeon Legends miniature - Kickstarter game tease - Australian board game newsSuper Dungeon Legends. Some sweet sweet detail in the minis it seems.

Super Dungeon Explore is a combat board game inspired by classic hack-and-slash video games. But that is only the beginning. Super Dungeon is also built upon a deep love for classic Japanese roleplaying games (JRPGs), adventure games, and traditional pencil-and-paper tabletop games. Super Dungeon Legends draws its inspiration from these well loved genres to allow players to craft their own stories in the world of Crystalia.

The campaign is running for another 19 days or so.