Tabletop Audio – Ambient sounds for gamers

We stumbled across this little gem and thought it might be of use to gamers of all sorts, tabletop role-players, board gamers, card gamers, anyone wanting a little audio ambiance in their sessions.

“Tabletop Audio” was made by a professional composer and sound designer named Tim. He hails from Brooklyn, NY and made the site for DM’s of RPG’s, but has since expanded it into all tabletop games, including board games, card games tile games etc.

The website states:

Tabletop Audio is for: Role-players, boardgamers, writers, coders, artists, graphic designers, teachers, house-cleaners, lucid dreamers, gym-rats, distance runners, commuters and ANYONE who wants to immerse themselves in the audio-space of one environment, while physically inhabiting another.

Why not head on over and take a look. Note: We haven’t used it ourselves at the moment for a session, but have had a little listen to a few of the choices available and we think they’re pretty cool. If you’re looking for a little extra oomph for your tabletop gaming sessions, “Tabletop Audio” might just be the answer.

Visit the Tabletop Audio website.