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GameTraders Loganholme Qld shuts its doors
Sad news for those of us on the Northern Gold Coast, Qld, Australia. One of only a few local tabletop game stores is no more, with GameTraders at the Logan Hyperdome closing its doors in the coming days. It had been obvious to us for many weeks something was afoot, but when we quizzed a staff member a few weeks ago asking outright “are you closing” the reply we got was that the Hyperdome were being dickish in renewing their lease and they hoped to remain open. Who knows if that is true or why the Hyperdome wouldn’t renew (maybe they’re thinking of running that market area right through). Whatever the case, another local tabletop game store has gone. RIP.

Tesla vs. Edison gets an expansion
If you own and enjoy “Tesla vs. Edison” you’ll be happy to know an expansion titled “Tesla Vs. Edison: Powering Up” is due to release later this year. The expansion will introduce a solitaire variant and a system for a sixth player. You’ll be able to build a HQ enabling better labs and offices. Another cool addition to “Tesla Vs. Edison: Powering Up” is women. Yes new female inventors and entrepreneurs will be included, including the amazing Madame C.J. Walker as the sixth player.

Dominion Empires coming soon!
Rio Grande Games has slated a Q2 release window for upcoming Dominion expansion “Dominion: Empires”. The expansion comes to us from Dominion designer Donald X. Vaccarino and is a big box expansion of 300 cards. Better dig deep for those sleeves you’re going to need eh.

Dice Masters adds The Flash & Green Arrow
Heads up Dice Masters fans, DC characters The Flash and Green Arrow are coming to the table in August. There’s the usual foil incentives and a whopping 30 new characters for the game. Marvel fans don’t fret, WizKids hasn’t forgotten you, with expansion “Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War” releasing in May.

Asmodee announce StoryLine Fairy Tales
Stories, where would we be without them? Well Asmodee think there’s money to be made in simple cooperative storytelling and let’s face it they’re probably right. “StoryLine: Fairy Tales” sees player collaborating to craft amazing fairy tales. Cards are used as starting points for characters, features and actions within the story framework. It’s all very pretty and we like anything creative like this, so fingers crossed it works well. “StoryLine: Fairy Tales” is due for release in April.

Spotted on Kickstarter this Week:

IDW miniatures game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past
On the off chance you live under a rock, you might have missed news that IDW made live their TMNT game on Kickstarter. It’s already fully funded and is expected to reach all stretch goals. Cowabunga dudes!

Aether Captains by MAGE Company
This one looks interesting, an asymmetric steampunk board game set in the skies of Arkady. Sadly the video tells us next to nothing about Aether Captains, itself other than it’s going to look very pretty indeed and that’s why we’re pointing it out. It’s a shame they didn’t go with the steampunk book as the box design, oh well.

And we’re done for another week. As always if something HUGE in board games happens over the weekend, we’ll update this post.

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