Tabletop / board game news of the week!

Revamped Agricola on the way
It’s “Agricola” not Agree-Cola. Now that’s out of the way, Mayfair Games has announced a sweet re-design of hugely popular worker placement game “Agricola”. The new version is set to release May 20 and has a more streamlined design including new wooden components, streamlined cards and it’s for 1-4 players (what?), fret not, at the end of the year a 5-6 player extension will also release.

Patchwork to release on iOS / Android
Said to release this month, 2-Player hit game “Patchwork” by Uwe Roesenburg is set to hit Android, iOS (iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and higher) and Windows Phone. Yes soon you’ll be able to do your Tetris quilt on touch screen. We prefer the tactile version and there’s not a whole lot more info about this one, but we thought you’d want to know and heck it looks cute.

patchwork tabletop board game coming to ios windows android - Gameapalooza Australian tabletop game news and reviewsPatchwork by Uwe Rosenberg, coming to a device near you soon.

Crisis Tokyo & Luchador! release date announced
Ninja Division announced March 16 as the release date for their two upcoming games “Crisis Tokyo” and “Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice”. “Crisis Tokyo” is a card game that sees players taking on the roles of evil lords of Tokyo, trying to destroy the city. “Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice” is a press your luck game that sees players wrestling for supremacy!

Jasco Games announce Top Gun party game
Highway to the danger zone! “Top Gun” from Jasco Games sees players taking on the roles of hot shot pilots in flight school. Play cards to maneuver the best, score points and win against the other pilots. No Kelly McGillis included. It release Q3 in the US.

Fantasy Flight announce Android Mainframe
We reported on this one just yesterday, but if you missed it “Android: Mainframe” is a new board game set in the “Android” gaming universe. Players take on the roles of runners (cybercriminals) taking on the Titan Transitional Banking corporation. It’s due for a Q2 release. Check out more here.

Queen Games parts ways with Asmodee NA
The distribution deal between Queen Games and Asmodee NA has come to an end with Queen Games announcing plans to self distribute in the region. Queen Games CEO Rajiv Gupta stated they were “pleased to announce that our games will be available to all distributors in North America directly from us”.

Spotted on Kickstarter this Week:

Joking Hazard from Cyanide and Happiness
It was hard not to spot Joking Hazard from the creators of comic strip Cyanaide and Happiness, the thing funded so fast we all got whiplash. Essentially this is the Cards Against Humanity of this year, pledge or miss out! Check out the Joking Hazard Kickstarter.

Cyanide and Happiness Joking Hazard card game now on Kickstarter - Gameapalooza Tabletop Game News AustraliaJoking Hazard… cough cough. Cyanide and Happiness’ answer to CAH

Tabletop RPG 7th Sea
When the “7th Sea” tabletop RPG released back in the 90’s it got quite the following. Fans of the game – and new fans to be made – can now relive the swashbuckling adventures as of October this year. John Wick has a new 300-page, full-color, hardbound book. Revised rules, revised Nations, updated for the 21st Century. Check out the Kickstarter here.

Villages of Valeria releasing October
Village building card game “Villages of Valeria” has hit Kickstarter and smashed its pledge level. If you want in on card drafting action it will cost you $17 for one copy and all stretch goals +$5 shipping to ‘world’ aka Australia, which is crazy cheap.

Sad Panda from Aussies Boutique Fables
“Sad Panda” is a card game wherein you become panda keepers who must make their own pandas happy, but other keepers pandas sad. We haven’t previewed this one, so can’t say a whole lot more about it than that, but check out Sad Panda on Kickstarter and help make an Aussie designers dreams a reality.

Another week has deftly slipped by, we are all a week older, though probably no wiser and that makes us sad, but hey, at least you’re all up to date on the important tabletop / board game news of the week… right?… right?

Let’s get some tabletop game sessions in this weekend shall we. Snap to it fellow gamer.