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Snippets of board game news from the GAMA Trade Show 2016
We’re starting the news round-up this week with a little love for the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas. There’s been loads of good stuff coming out of the show, these are the news bites that grabbed our attention.

CGE (Czech Games Edition) are working on “Codenames” getting even more language releases. Far more interesting than that though is word of a new “Codenames” product releasing around GenCon. It’s presently in development and will have a visual element to it as opposed to just words. Sounds like someone at CGE sat up and took notice of all those people using “Dixit” cards in their “Codenames” games. Vlaada Chvatil is still at the helm. As well as that we can expect an expansion for “Alchemist”, out at Essen, it will feature two new gameplay elements: adds more variety and more complexity if you want. CGE are also working on a standalone game, might see Essen. It’s a board game and no further information was gleaned.

“Lost Patrol: Death in the Jungle” is a new game from Games Workshop. A sort of reprint of a game that was released in 2000. Randomly generated board means a different game every time. MSRP $60 (US) and it’s due out in June.

Roxley Games: “Santorini” is coming to Kickstarter, months end (March 28). “Santorini” is an abstract game with variable player powers. This is on our most anticipated list, it looks beautiful. Lastly, Roxley are also rebooting “Brass” with new art, mechanics etc.

Santorini board game by Roxley Games - tabletop game news gameapalooza AustraliaSantorini looks set to be a very beautiful little game

Slugfest Games are working on a new product in the “Red Dragon Inn” series. “Red Dragon Inn: Nitrel and Keet” (Goblin bomber and archaeologist characters) is a new card game, MSRP $25 (USD). We can also expect to see the “Battle for Greyport” deck builder based game this year also. This is another game based on the characters and world of “The Red Dragon Inn”.

Regular Board Game News of the Week

Gale Force Nine go skirmish with Tanks
“Tanks” is an upcoming miniatures game from Gale Force Nine. “Tanks” is due out in April along with numerous small expansions. If quick tank skirmishes are your thing, this one is said to play in under 30-minutes.

tanks by gale force nine tabletop skirmish game - board game news and reviews gameapalooza australiaTanks.. they be rollin.

Ra by Reiner Knizia getting re-release
Start to party like it’s 1999 if you’re a fan of that years title “Ra” because the folks at Asmodee and WindRider Games are releasing a nice new one within the next few months. “Ra” is a 2-5 player press-your-luck style auction game.

IDW Games The Godfather: A New Don
Set for a summer (US) release “The Godfather: The New Don” sees players take on the roles of the major mafia families of 1950’s NYC. This is a 3-6 player dice game and as yet there’s no price.

IDW Games Arcane Academy
You’ll already know about this one if you follow us on Facebook because we mentioned it there this week also. “Arcane Academy” is a new game from IDW Games that sees players taking on the roles of students in a school of magical arts. Students aim to be top of the class. It’s set for a fall release in the US.

Spotted on Kickstarter this Week

Popular party game “Monikers” has an expansion up on Kickstarter that’s doing rather well (funding over ten times over so far). If you’ve got the base game, you may want to check this one out.

The 2-4 player card game “Watchmen of Destiny” is almost at its goal with a whopping 26 days left of its campaign. Check this one out if for no other reason than to look at the gorgeous artwork.

Baksha Games title “Little Drop of Poison” is still live with a week to go. This is another card game with cute artwork and an interesting premise.

Sadly no new Aussie stuff we haven’t previously covered.
Have an awesome weekend folks.
Happy gaming.

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