Tabletop / board game news of the week!

Gale Force Nine doing 3 new D&D titles
We mentioned Gale Force Nine’s upcoming D&D title “Tyrants of the Underdark” a few weeks ago, now we also know that titled will be followed up with more D&D goodness later this year and rolling into 2017. The next in the series is presently titled “Thieve’s Guild“.

Barnes & Noble holding in store game days
Barnes & Noble (US bookstores) announced they would be holding in store gaming events in about 10% of their stores across the country.

IELLO show off Power Up! and Monster Chase
IELLO had a few things on show at New York Toy Show, including “King of New York: Power Up!” due out mid year, Antoine Bauza’s new one “Monster Chase” and the adorable looking “Tem-Purr-a“. All titles launch within the next few months.

AEG announce Dice City expansion
Alderac Entertainment announced a new expansion for their game “Dice City“. The new expansion is “Dice City: All That Glitters“. For your money you’ll get 3 new military, civic, economic and cultural locations as well as a gold mine. No dates yet.

New York Times talks Game of the Goose
The New York Times discusses centuries old game “Game of the Goose” and it’s an interesting read (thus us covering it). “Game of the Goose” sees players rolling dice as they try and beat each other to a particular space on the board. The Grolier Club in NYC has an exhibition on titled “The Royal Game of the Goose” until May 14 where you can learn more about the game.

Oxford Board Game Exhibition
Sadly not one for us Aussies, but if you’re lucky enough to be in the area of Oxford, UK they have an exhibition on called “Playing With History” all about board games. This one looks pretty cool if you can catch it, it ends March 6.

R&R Games do new family and party games
Family games and party game coming from R&R Games. “Swipe Out” is a reaction game where players try and match chips to cards and swipe the chips off the board. “Showdown” is another matchining game, this time players match famous people fictitious characters and try and convince other players why theirs is the best at a particular challenge.

Spotted on Kickstarter this Week

*Steam Court by Tantrum House*
Steam Court looks really nice, certainly the artwork which is outstanding. From Tantrum House, “Steam Court” is a card game in which 2-6 players try to engineer their way to the top by building machines to impress the Queen and court.

As always fellow gamers, if anything huge happens over the weekend in the world of board gaming, we will ammend so your perfect peepers do not miss a thing.

Happy gaming!