Tabletop game Diamonsters – Video review with Mister Jax

Our new video reviewer Mister Jaxon is back and this time he’s looking at one of the games he loves to play “Diamonsters”. As you might know, he’s played games since before he could walk (literally!) and “Diamonsters” is one he’s played a LOT.

That probably gives away this review somewhat, but where else are you going to get the thoughts and opinions of a two-year-old tabletop game reviewer?


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Age 10+ Pfft again we baulk at your 10+, there’s plenty of fun here for a 2-year-old gamer.
2-6 Players
20 minutes

Mister Jaxon will be back with more reviews and some behind the scenes stuff very soon. If you missed his insight into “Star Wars Rebellion” including how much he loves Darth Vader and a rendition of The Imperial March, you can check it out below and yes, the review is also useful for adults, as are all of his reviews: