Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama taletop game on Kickstarter:

Oh my goodness ya'll! It's Avenue, but it's Kodama... IT'S AVENUE, BUT IT'S KODAMA! I have to admit my mouse went straight to PLEDGE for this one. I love Avenue and Kodama.

Indie Boards and Cards are re-releasing and expanding the 2016 Essen hit "Avenue" in the loveable world of Kodama.

They've upgraded the Avenue paper player sheets to double-sided dry-erase playmats and markers. Needless to say the theme is now Kodama (which is adorable), but gameplay looks like it mostly remains the same. The only other addition of note is new decree cards which give everyone new path drawing option(s) and/or scoring rule(s) for each game.

I've backed it, maybe you will to.
Check out Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama on Kickstarter HERE.

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