Tabletop Game News of the Week – Gameapalooza Round Up for the first week in August 2015

Each Friday we’re going to do a full roundup of all the tabletop gaming stories we didn’t cover in a full post (we cherry pick those for the ones we think are biggest). We hope you’ll find this round-up of use. Of course if you hate it, let us know, we’re all about that, just be gentle with us.

“MTG: Battle for Zendikar” set to release October 2. It will be the return of full-art lands.

“One Night Ultimate Vampire” hits Kickstarter, gets funded 28 times over (at time of writing). We funded it, did you?

“Descent: Journeys in the Dark” gets its new expansion “Mists of Bilehall” in Q4 this year. You’ll also be able to get three supporting Lieutenant Pack upgrades sold separately.

Cryptozoic Entertainment showed off a very basic version of their upcoming “Attack on Titan” board game at Gen Con and it got a lot of buzz, one to have on the radar.

“Halo: Fleet Battles” tabletop miniatures game gets a bunch of expansions this month including: The Covenant Core Upgrade, The Covenant Large Upgrade Box, The Covenant Commander Pack, The UNSC Large Upgrade, Halo: Fleet Battles Command Dice Pack and The UNSC Core Upgrade.

Z-Man Games set to ship “Monster My Neighbour” card game in November. It will retail for $20USD, so expect $30AUD as a minimum.

The upcoming “Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game” releases September for $50USD (expect anywhere from $70 to $90USD) and comes with a Steam code for “Portal 2”.

“Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist” releases on both Xbox One ($26.95 and PS4 $29.95).

Panini America has announced an October 30 release for its “Dragon Ball Z” TCG. The new expansion “Dragon Ball Z:  Evolution” will be available in both Starter Decks and Booster Packs.

Interesting stuff in tabletop gaming we noted this week:

The Noteboard, a folding ‘whiteboard’ 35” unfolded and a mere 5” x 3” folded. Comes in a sweet little dice bag that acts as an eraser. A handy addition to the DM’s pocket for sure. Check it out at The Noteboard website.

The Adventure Case is a really nice solid hardwood box that will carry your notes, dice and other gaming paraphernalia. It’s not cheap at $125 for the entry level box, but for the workmanship, we think well worth it. You can check it out at The Adventure Case section of the Dog Might website (they have other cool stuff too).

Lastly this, because it amused us. “Deck Building: The Deck Building Game” is a game that sees two players competing to build the best deck, as in porch, as in timber and railings. You can order it from Greater Than Games if interested.

And that fellow gamers is that! Anything else happening this week that we missed and you feel was exciting / interesting, why not drop it in the comments for other readers.