Tabletop / board game news of the week!

Another week slips deflty by board game fans and here we are with all the other tabletop game news we didn’t get to cover as featured news posts.

Oh and we don’t do April Fool’s posts because.. despite being Aussies, our readers come from many time zones, so read everything here as true… no silly nonsense.

Let’s crack on gamers!

Asmodee’s Skull back in stores
Asmodee’s “Skull” will be back in US retailers next week, so you’ll probably be able to nab that in the new run if you missed out the last time. If you don’t know what “Skull” is, just think of the game that looks like Day of the Dead coasters, you’ve probably seen it. That’s the one.

Catalyst Games Labs Shadowrun titles
More out of GAMA, despite it being long gone. Catalyst Games Labs splashed a bit more info about their upcoming press-your-luck dice game “Encounters: Shadowrun”. A 1-8 player game that takes 15-30 minutes to play. You can find out more (including some of the art work) HERE.

Z-Man officially announces Aquarium
Z-man Games officially announced the upcoming release of “Aquarium” a new bidding game based around buying and matching fish. Bid, buy, swap and build a magnificent “Aquarium”. Just remember to keep your fish alive folks (Probably wont have as cool a box / bag as last weeks news about Northstar Games Happy Salmon though).

Mega Man Board Game Expansion
You know that Mega Man board game that’s just released? (presently retailing at around $160 RRP AUD), well the expansion is getting its release. Jasco Games were set to release it this month, but a printer error has set things back slightly. “The Time Man and Oil Man Expansion” adds – unsurprisingly – Time Man and Oil Man to the game.

CMON push back Krosmaster Quest release date
Fear not though, “Krosmaster Quest” has only been pushed mere weeks. It’s now set to hit retailers Stateside April 23, so it’s just a month overdue. Pre-order customers are having orders fulfilled at time of writing.

Adventure Time: Card Wars – Double Tournament
Cryptozoic has announced another foray into the “Adventure Time” universe with a new four player variant of the “Adventure Time: Card Wars” game, aptly titled: “Adventure Time: Card Wars – Doubles Tournament”. It’s two on two! “Play as Jake (Cornfield/NiceLands) & Charlie (Blue Plains/NiceLands) vs. Grand Prix (SandyLands/IcyLands) & Moniker (Useless Swamps/IcyLands). New cards and tokens in your face! Coming soon.

Albion’s Legacy is better say Jasco
If “Albion’s Legacy” sounds familiar, it’s because it released last year, but even the designer hated the initial final product (funded on Kickstarter). Now it’s back, thanks to Jasco Games and it’s had a facelift. So if you want to play King Arthur kicking ass in Albion, you can do so later this year, with a better version of the game.

AEG get dicey
Two new dice games inbound from AEG (Alderac Entertainment Group). First up “Octo Dice”, nope you’re not playing an octopus, you’re playing scientists in a deep sea team, 1-4 players, cute box art and a US RRP of $20. Next “Dice Heist”, play art thieves. Break into museums and galleries and collect a valuable art collection… illegally. Another $20 USD price point and for 2-5 players. Coming soon.

Spotted on Kickstarter this Week

Town Squares card game by Darren Ballingall
Game designer Darren Ballingall has his project “Town Squares” up on the mighty Kickstarter. “Town Squares” is a “card game for 2-4 players. It’s a fun, easy to learn, competitive strategy game in which players take turn placing cards to earn points while at the same time taking points away from others”. Melbourne based project, so support Australian game design and be sure and check out the Kickstarter for Town Squares.

And that dear tabletop game fiends is that. May your board games hit the table with fervor this weekend. Go forth and game!

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