Tabletop game price comparison online v Australian bricks and mortar stores Qld

Living in the lucky country we get to pay a premium for many things our US brothers and sisters get fairly cheap (for the exact same product  – we’re looking at you Apple!). This can be highly frustrating, even when factoring in exchange rates, shipping and luxury taxes, a lot of things are still cheaper when imported. We imagine it’s also frustrating for bricks and mortar store owners, because they need to jack up prices to cover their costs too.

With tabletop games (as with video games) the price discrepancies are quite vast. We plucked random games out and cross-checked them over some of the Brisbane / Gold Coast tabletop game stores and the results are below… prepare to shed a tear.

Presents of Mind
Cardline Globe Trotter$10.50$28$27NALords of Waterdeep$37$80$70NA
Pandemic$30 (RRP $40)$65$65$70
King of New York$32 (RRP $50)$80$80$70
Ticket to Ride$37 (RRP $50)$80NA$90
Imperial Settlers$50NA$80NA
Takenoko$33 (RRP $50)$80$80$80
Camel Up$35$80$64$60
Quite possibly the most shocking discrepancy comes in the form of Gameapalooza favorite “Machi Koro” …

GameAmazonMind GamesGoodGamesPresents of Mind
Machi Koro$20 (RRP $30)$60$40$50
We will say we are in no way bagging out these stores, the Gameapalooza team have spent thousands of dollars in these stores over the years. We enjoy supporting our local bricks and mortar shops and let’s face it, sometimes you want that feeling of instant gratification (walking into a store, picking up a game, paying and walking out with it). Also when you shop online you don’t get the chit chat that goes with a really good / friendly store assistant (we’re looking at you Tim from Presents of Mind).

For now we will continue a healthy mix of online shopping and bricks and mortar. How about you, where do you buy your games? Maybe you’re one of our US readers, do you still shop online, or do you support the bricks and mortar stores too? Australian gamers? What about you?

Hit the comments and let us know.