Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop Rules Goof – Oops

There was quite the uproar last week, when it was revealed Wil Wheaton (to some a deity in tabletop gaming) had screwed up the rules in one of the games they were reviewing for his series “Tabletop”. Now screwing up the rules when you’re doing a review, not ideal, writing a blog post passing the blame completely to someone else – when you’re the face of the project – also not ideal, but let’s breathe a moment.

Wheaton is getting hate, a whole lot of hate, that’s the problem with being a deity, they’re infallible. Only Wil Wheaton isn’t ‘really’ a deity, he’s mortal, just like the rest of us. If you’re a tabletop gaming snob, maybe you hate Wheaton and that’s fine, we all have our opinions, but what no one can argue with is that Wil Wheaton has almost single-handedly grown tabletop gaming, introducing it to newbies and adding positively to the tabletop games renaissance we presently find ourselves in.

The tone of the apology post about the rules screw up wasn’t great, even as a huge Wheaton fan, reading it felt kind of… dirty. Does the producer still have their job? Everyone makes mistakes. That was our overwhelming thought and we hope that’s the case, though they are referred to throughout in past tense. Wil took a breather and wrote the followup post “Critical Failure” and it’s heartbreaking to read.

I feel like I managed to alienate myself from a community that I love and care about, and I may never be let back in. That hurts a lot, but if it’s a self-inflicted wound, I have nobody to blame but myself. I can’t even blame the dice.

You know what, we all roll a fumble now and again and people need to realize that’s the case here. Hopefully Wil realizes that with the producer and gamers realize that with Wil Wheaton. We ALL love tabletop gaming, we all love seeing the joy when a newbie ‘gets it’ for the first time. Bagging out Wheaton because he’s Wheaton (or Wesley Crusher to some), doesn’t aid our hobby, it damages it and that’s bad, for all of us. So let’s re-roll and move on shall we? We’ve got games to play dammit!

Wil Wheaton Tabletop Hatred - Come on Guys Can't We Get Along?Can’t we though? We all love gaming.

Keep being enthusiastic about tabletop gaming Wil Wheaton, there’s a whole lot of love out here for you and all you do.