Gamers, we come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, creeds, belief systems and sexualities. Given the historic SCOTUS outcome today, we’re taking a look at tabletop gaymers / gay gamers, or rather some of the groups available to you if you happen to be a gaymer yourself.

Tabletop Gaymer Groups / Websites

Most of these links are for tabletop gaymer communities / pages. Some however also encompass video gaymers, we’ve omitted a few gaymer links that only deal with video games. If you feel that’s something you would like us to include, hit the comments and we’ll amend.

Now let’s start with one that’s close to Gameapalooza Towers right here in Australia shall we?

Brisbane Board Gaymers

Brisbane Board Gaymers is for people who like to play boardgames in a safe, fun environment. They hold regular meetings and their Facebook group is actually alive and well.

Sydney Gaymers Facebook Group

Another Australian Gaymer group is Sydney Gaymers Facebook Group, a group for geeks, gamers and allies no matter their gender or sexual orientation. They also have a website and do video gaming as well as tabletop.

Gen Con Gaymers

Gen Con Gaymers is a Facebook group for gaymers who attend Gen Con in the US, it’s a group for LGBT gamers (gaymers) and their friends who attend Gen Con Indy. Gen Con Gaymers is a closed group (so you’ll need to join to see updates).

Tabletop Gaymers

If you’re on Facebook there’s a group called Tabletop Gaymers. Sadly it doesn’t look overly populated / busy, but perhaps they’re just waiting for you.

The Gay Geek

Despite the name suggesting this is a single gay geek, it’s actually the name of the group. The Gay Geek is a group dedicated to the homosexual nerd! A place to comfortably call home here on Facebook.

Gay Boys Who Play Dungeons and Dragons

One for the tabletop RPG crown, and oddly, just guys. Gay Boys Who Play Dungeons and Dragons is – as you would expect – a Facebook group for gay guys who play D&D. This is a closed group. They also play other fantasy RPG tabletop games, but mainly Dungeons and Dragons.

Gaymers on Twitter

For Twitter Gaymers, we’ve made a Twitter list of the Gayming Twitter accounts we’ve come across thus far so you can just click through and see what you want to follow. Easy. Some of them are video gaymers, though most do tabletop also.