Play your board games with your role-playing characters

A quick article / idea for you today. Ever played a tabletop role-playing game? Ever played a board game? Ever played a board game like a tabletop role-playing game? So here’s the thing, board games are fun, but you can actually inject even more fun into them if you make a point of role-playing them or adding aspects of role-playing to them.

Dungeons and Dragons in ET... epic. RPG mashed with board games, more epic!Dungeons and Dragons in ET… epic. RPG mashed with board games, more epic!

Here’s an example. I played a game called Karuba last week with my main tabletop RPG group, We opted out all those cute cartoony characters on the game board for printed out images of our Indiana Jones RPG characters, then the race was on. Who would make it to the temple first? Who would smart mouth other characters the best in true René Belloq style, just like when we were playing the tabletop role-playing game.

You can do this with any of your games, particularly if they use a character driven method of play. Tweak the characteristics so they more closely match your characters, make new character cards even. The whole thing is a whole lot of fun.

Give a a try, trust me, you’ll enjoy it and you’ll probably want to do it with more and more board games.