James Bond RPG – A Look Back

It may be no more, but the “James Bond” tabletop role-playing game was a hefty release for its day and one that – for its time – sold extremely well. Released in 1983 by Victory Games (Avalon Hill),

The setting – unsurprisingly – takes place in the cinematic world of James Bond. Players take on the roles of agents in Her Majesty’s Secret Service (or allied agencies like the CIA, though they’re usually left as NPC’s). Queue the music, roll the dice!

As tabletop role-playing games go, this one works as smooth as silk, running primarily on 6 and 10-sided dice (10’s for percentile) with simple charts for success of failure. Characters have a mere five characteristics (how is this madness possible!), Strength, Dexterity, Willpower, Perception, and Intelligence.

James Bond RPG Victory Games - Gameapalooza AustraliaThe James Bond Tabletop RPG

Those of us lucky enough to still own a copy can be found in dark corners opening pages and breathing deeply of the adventure that once lay within. If you’re a tabletop role-player and you’ve never had the pleasure of the James Bond RPG system, we strongly suggest you get on Ebay and grab yourself a copy of the main rules. If you love that, there’s plenty of add-on adventures and supplements.

What are you waiting for, the rifling of a gun to find you, hop to it!