Tabletop Season 4 – Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

Season 4 of TableTop is finally here and as we reported way back in October last year and again in January Lanterns is the game on the table.

Wil Wheaton, Zac Eubank, Becca Scott Kerns and Ivan Van Norman all playing a stonking game of Lanterns: The Harvest Festival. We love Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, it’s a beautiful tile laying game that’s good for families and hardcore gamers alike. We actually gave it the Gameapalooza Critical Hit.

Wil Wheaton Tabletop Season 4 - Lantersn Codenames includedWil Becca and Ivan play Lanterns and according to that stream, they’ll all be playing on Tabletop Season 4

Check out Wil and Co. in Tabletop Season 4 Episode 1. (new episodes from January 2016).