Plaid Hat Games releases epic downloadable / printable playmat for Tail Feathers

Heads up folks, if you’ve purchased the rather beautiful “Tail Feathers” from Plaid Hat Games, you might want to check out their exclusive digital download of the “Tail Feathers” game map PDF.

Just download the PDF for a measly $3 and head down to your local printers and you’ve got yourself an awesome 36.58 inch by 36.58 inch playmat for “Tail Feathers”.

Plaid Hat Games Tail Feathers playmat pdf download Australian board game news and reviews by GameapaloozaSweet playmat to make your Tail Feathers even sweeter!

The mat depicts the grassy ground of Meanderfield with the battlefield axis in the middle and the Tail Feathers logo along one edge. Purchasing this product includes receiving permission to have the mat printed one time for personal use.

Sure it works out as more than $3 when you add in printing costs, but it should still work out to be pretty great value given what your local Office Works charges for fairly large prints.

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Now.. what was I doing before letting you know about this.. oh yes.. setting up “Above and Below” and “Mysterium” for tonight’s meetup… later *dudes.

(and by dudes we mean everyone, not just the male variety gamer).*