Tabletop Gaming: Takenoko – n00b Look!

We’re back with another “n00b Look!” our semi-regular article here at Gameapalooza Australia in which we subject a unsuspecting sap friend of a friend – who isn’t a regular tabletop gamer – to play a modern tabletop game. We then get said sap to send us notes on their experience and their thoughts of the game (we also jot down anything they say during the game we think is interesting / fun). Why? Well because it’s cruel fun of course. Also sometimes the saying “out of the mouths of babes” is very apt, because it is when the innocent try something new that their unsullied thoughts can bring forth points we might otherwise miss as veterans of tabletop gaming.

This weeks victim shall henceforth be known as “Sarah” and we sat her down for a game of “Takenoko”. Here are some of Sarah’s random thoughts / verbalised feelings from playing her first game:

Takenoko tabletop board game cutest gamesWho doesn’t love a panda? Takenoko – Cutest Tabletop Game

“OMG LOOK AT THE PANDA!!” (Yeah, most peoples first reaction – Ed.)

“It’s so pretty” (Yeah and this one too – Ed.)

“It needs more panda’s, just sayin”

“Honestly I didn’t even know games like this existed” (We’re including this one because it’s quite telling of the non gamer audience, in that the conversation that followed included discussion about never having seen a game like this before, where did you buy it, how many others are there etc. – Ed.)

“The blue sticks should be little blue rivers, like made of resin or something, that would make it even better”.

“It’s so cute he’s scared of lightning, poor thing” (He’s not real – Ed.)

“Whoever made the box it all goes in did a great job didn’t they?”

Takenoko tabletop board game box insert beautiful - board game reviews AustraliaThe Takenoko box insert, it is pretty great, a few things still slip though.

"Hi guys, thanks for letting me join in with the game. I was telling my partner about it after I got back and she seemed pretty interested in playing it as well. We're going to go down to where you said and buy it I think. Yeah, I talked it up you might say.

I know you wanted me to like explain about the comment I made when we were talking about Monopoly and Scattergories, but I don't know what to tell you, I honestly never even saw a game like this before. I don't really do games, even video ones. I have been in game shops before and I never saw them, or maybe never paid attention to them.

I am glad you invited me to play, it was a lot of fun and now we are probably going to buy it and play at home. Maybe I will be asking Joe more about what games you are all playing, or maybe even join you again some time. Thanks again guys".

It’s interesting to us that Sarah didn’t know about board games other than the usual “Target” type fare. In a way, that’s why we started Gameapalooza, to push tabletop gaming in Australia and hopefully pull new gamers into this fantastic hobby.

Many thanks to “Sarah” for playing “Takenoko” with us and for following up afterwards and letting us share her thoughts with the tabletop gaming world.

Who will be our next n00b Look victim and what game will we play?!
Stay Tuned.