Tavern Fame card game – Preview

Australia, land of kangaroos and some pretty cool indie board game / card game devs, doing some interesting stuff. Today we are looking at Table Tyrant Games upcoming title “Tavern Fame”. Note, this is a preview of the print and play and not even a full print and play (ugh, we know, we don’t like doing this either, but we want to support Aussie game developers wherever possible). So let’s get down to it.

“Tavern Fame” is a bluffing card game. Players take on the roles of adventurers sitting in a tavern, being chatty about how awesome they are. The idea is to get the patrons of the tavern to listen to your epic tales of adventure and gather around your table HUZZAH!

card backsThe card backs look really nice.

Gameplay is simple enough, you start with 3 patrons and two drinks (we assume meeples and little beer jugs – we used cubes). You have one character card. Each character has a strength score, a bluff score and combat bonus. These differ dependent on the character you’re using. The enemy cards consisted of bears, dragons, orcs, zombies and the usual fantasy fare. It is these guys you’ve been smiting.

Flip an enemy card and begin your boast about that creature “Oh on the way out of the last dungeon I killed 2 of these guys”, you then need to roll to try and kill that many, mind you other players can call your bluff and say you’re a big talker, or even one up you “Well I killed three!”. If someone calls your bluff they add tavern patrons to the enemy card, if you win on the dice roll, proving you are indeed that mighty warrior you said you were, that patron moves to your table. If you fail, you owe the other player one of your patrons. The winner at the end of the game has the most patrons at their table, swigging beers and nodding heads about how amazing you are!

character cardsCharacter cards, again featuring some nice artwork.

“Tavern Fame” looks like it could be a really nice little bluffing game with a dice mechanic that works well. Dependent on the group you’re playing with this game can change quite a bit. We played with a few non gamers and one complained it was based on luck. We think that’s a little unfair, there is definitely some strategy here that sort of overcomes any sort of luck only issues. It’s all about pushing your luck sure, but that in itself is a great mechanic. Playing this with our louder RPG group was a raucous affair with the role-playing elements really coming into play and leading to some very amusing stories of various heroics, each trying to out do the others. This is probably where this game shines, more than simply the dice rolling crowd.

The overall aesthetic of “Tavern Fame” looks nice. Do keep in mind we are previewing this based on a crappy print and play version so we can’t really talk about build quality. If we eventually get a retail version, we’ll be sure and cover that.

Of the few cards we have, we can say the artwork on the print and play looks really nice. The card design too lends itself well to gameplay, with all the information distributed in a very easy to see manner. We just used dice and cubes from other games, but we assume the finished version will include a dice, meeple and maybe meeple mug components (again we will hopefully cover the full version in the future if this project succeeds).

monster cardsYou can see how easy the instructional part of the card is to see. Nice graphical work.

As far as we’re concerned this is definitely one worth looking at when the time comes, especially if you like a little role-playing with your push your luck bluffing.

“Why just yesterday I took on a dragon with a bear sidekick and not just any bear, a circus bear! A knife throwing circus bear”.

Note we added some new images and information well after this article was first published. These new images better illustrate the games artwork than those we used when originally published. Sorry for any confusion.