The Banner Saga board game

The road of board games being converted into video games runs both ways. We’ve seen a few video games turned into board games (usually via questionable tie-in Ameritrash / mass-market style games), but this one, this one could be special.

Stoic Games first launched the video game version of “The Banner Saga” on Kickstarter back in March 2012, smashing its $100,000 goal more than 7 times over. The game released almost two years later in January 2014 and garnered favorable reviews.

The Banner Saga board game conversion by Stioc GamesBeautiful art work really makes The Banner Saga stand out. Hopefully the board game conversion will utilize the same Bakshi / Disney inspired goodness.

The overall premise of “The Banner Saga” centers around a caravan of men (as in humans – non gender specific) and giants crossing the Nordic styled wastes, in a viking-inspired setting. Gameplay is based on decision making and how those decisions carry forward. There’s also plenty of resource collecting.

We think this sounds like it could make a great board game, a sort of “Lords of Waterdeep” with travel and character building thrown in. The video game of “The Banner Saga” also features beautiful artwork, which could look amazing in tangible form.

The Banner Saga board game inbound from Stoic GamesScreenshot of the turn based combat in The Banner Saga. Picture it on a board.

One of the Kickstarter rewards of the video game version was in game banner logo creation. Assuming the board game will be going through Kickstarter also (let’s assume so), perhaps we’ll get a chance to do similar. We’d like to see the Gameapalooza logo on a banner! What would your banner have on it?