The Bloody Inn TL;DR game review

The Bloody Inn TLDR game review It's been out for awhile, but I've finally bought and played "The Bloody Inn" a 1-4 player card game for ages 14+. The theme of The Bloody Inn is somewhat scary and based on a true event.

L'auberge rouge (The Red Inn) was an inn in the commune of Lanarce in Ardèche, France. The owners of the inn Pierre and Marie Martin, and their employee Jean Rochette would essentially murder inn guests, hide the bodies and taking their money / belongings. It's thought they killed over 50 visitors even feeding some of them to new guests.

This is the setting of card game "The Bloody Inn". You are innkeepers trying to earn money, offing unsuspecting guests and avoiding police detection. You assign guests to their rooms and - with your two peasant accomplices - choose various actions affecting those guests, will you kill them, perhaps bribe one to help you (thus upping your accomplices), bury them in various annexes or maybe launder their money.

Utilising a mix of hand management and tableau building, players use cards to complete whatever task they're going for by discarding the number needed. The player with the most money at the end wins.

So here's the thing, I didn't really enjoy my games of The Bloody Inn. Despite an interesting premise, it just all feels a little... well... uninteresting. It's not that The Bloody Inn is a terrible game, it's well put together, has unusual artwork, a fairly tight gameplay system, but it's just lacking life, ironically. One to try before you buy.