Aussie board game The Brigade is set to hit Kickstarter this week!

We don't usually report on games that are still to launch on Kickstarter, but today we're making an exception.

Welcome to Tinderbox! ...sorry about the weather... The city of Tinderbox has, rather predictably, caught fire. Although no-one has formally admitted responsibility, a large fire storm has appeared above the Pyromancers University and fireballs are raining down on the city.

In The Brigade players take on the roles of firefighters, controlling rival firefighters to protect the town of Tinderbox. Earn the trust of the townsfolk and you might just earn the title Fire Chief!

Upgrade your firehouse to extinguish bigger fires and you'll be sure to impress the people. Speaking of being impressed, we were when we saw this game this week, the artwork is beautiful and the theme is something a bit different. Sure we've had firefighting games before (Flashpoint, Firestorm), but in a fantasy setting? Very cool.

Keep this one in mind this week, make sure you check it out when it launches, it might just set your world on... err... fire.

Head over to The Brigade website for updates and other info.