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The Game Designers is documentary that follows the work of five designers as they create and publish their board game. The documentary includes numerous interviews with some of the industries best including Matt Leacock, Antoine Bauza, Mike Selinker and many more. The movie aims to truly capture the human journey that happens behind the hobby we love. The Game design is something I love to read and learn about. I read about game design because I dabble and play around with design myself. I read about game design because I love how something comes together, like a behind the scenes documentary. But mostly, I read about game design because I love how design works and seek to apply the design principles to many areas of learning. I am truly excited for this project and cannot wait to see if come to fruition. With over 20 days to go on the campaign why not go check it out for yourself.


Author: NerdOfWisdom

Dave is a husband and a dad who loves to game. In gaming he seeks to build stronger communities. He loves to learn and think deeply about gaming with a mind to understanding the design process.

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