The Game: On Fire from IDW

If you’re a big fan of “The Game” from IDW you’ll be happy to know the expansion “The Game: On Fire” is set to release to retail in the coming months. A couple of Aussie retailers are listing the game for around $30 – $33AUD, given the price we can assume this isn’t “The Game on Fire” mini-expansion, but rather the full game and expansion.

The Game: On Fire edition from IDW  GamesThe Game: On Fire expansion

The Game: Spiel… so lange du kannst! is a great game, check out our TL;DR review and now wait the release of “the new version soon.

The Game on Fire version from IDW games card game We’re assuming this is the retail version of The Game: On Fire. Aussie retailers are listing this one as releasing October or November dependent on store.