The Golden Girls Cluedo game coming soon from USAopoly

Heads up fans of epic TV series The Golden Girls, USAopoly has announced the release of The Golden Girls Clue (Cluedo for us Aussie, though it appears you'll have to import it with it only being listed for the US and Canada).

Wait what, no murder? No 'who killed Sophia with the harsh sassy snapbacks'? No 'who killed Blanche after finding her Tinder profile'? No, apparently the Golden Girls are too good for outright murder so you'll have to see who ate the last piece of pie, what they left at the scene of the crumb... we mean crime and which room did they eat it in.

Well that's a tad disappointing, sort of takes away the fun of Cluedo no? That aside though it is The Golden Girls and it does reek of theme, from the apartment board, to the standees, to the Cluedo pieces.

CLUE®: The Golden Girls - Coming soon!
Ages 8+ | 2-6 Players | MSRP: $39.95