The Grizzled: At Your Orders!

We covered this on our Facebook Page many weeks ago, but now it’s official. CMON has officially announced the first expansion for “The Grizzled” and that expansion is “The Grizzled: At Your Orders!”. The expansion adds new missions, penalties and resolutions to the base game including the “Last Stand” and “Final Assault” missions.

The Grizzled: At Your Orders! game expansion news gameapalooza australiaThe Grizzled: At Your Orders! Expansion – Easier Grizzled? Yes please!

In The Grizzled: At Your Orders! players return to the trenches of the fast-paced, fully-cooperative card game The Grizzled, tasking players with surviving until Armistice. In At Your Orders!, new Mission cards have been added to the game that dictate bonuses, penalties, Mission intensity, and specific resolution conditions. Players may also be asked to take part in a Final Assault or Last Stand. When this happens, win or lose, they are finishing their fight. At Your Orders! also introduces new Duo and Solo modes with special rules and pieces designed for 1-2 players.

The Grizzled: At Your Orders! Expansion will release soon - Gameapalooza Australia Here’s the box The Grizzled: At Your Orders!

Yup, you saw it “The Grizzled: At Your Orders!” features new single and two player variant rules, sweet! It will also include new difficulty levels for ‘novices and veterans alike’. One of the issues some gamers have with “The Grizzled” is just how difficult it is to win (we kind of like it), a quick look at the box contents shows us it comes with three levels of difficulty cards. Huzzah!

The Grizzled: At Your Orders! Box Contents:
13 Easy Missions Cards
13 Normal Mission Cards
13 Hard Mission Cards
1 Final Assault / Last Stand Card
1 “The Novice” Card
4 Support Tiles
6 Cutouts of ‘the Grizzled’.
1 Rulebook

The Grizzled: At Your Orders!At Your Orders! Grizzled!

No release date as yet, but we imagine it’s not too far off.
We’ll be getting it for sure.

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