The Grizzled Card Game – CMON Release Info

If you haven’t heard of “The Grizzled” listen up because this card game is getting a LOT of hype stateside. Cool Mini Or Not has just announced “The Grizzled” is now available for pre-order on their website.

“The Grizzled” sees players take on the role of French infantrymen, living the hell of the trenches during World War I. With the tagline “Can Friendship be stronger than War?” you can probably tell this is a cooperative title that sees players trying to survive together. At just $20 USD, we think this is a must buy game. Full disclosure, we haven’t played it, but that much buzz cannot be wrong, we will definitely be checking it out and no doubt bringing you all a review as soon as we’re able.

The Grizzled card game cool mini or not release info Australian tabletop game news and reviews by gameapaloozaThe Grizzled – We haven’t played it yet, but man do we want to.

Side note, “The Grizzled” card game features art by Bernard “Tignous” Verlhac, one of the French cartoonists tragically killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack. The artwork is really different to a lot of other games, it’s sort of raw sketched and colored.

PopCultcha Australia had this listed as a September release with an RRP of $30AUD, but it never eventuated, so you could hope they get it in after the October 10 U.S. release date, you never know.

Are you adding it to your collection?