The Illuminati are slotting NWO plans into games

FACT! Okay, well ‘Fact according to the fringe who like these sorts of things’. This is old, but it’s being dredged up again via The Express UK, so we’re posting it because we thought it was interesting, not because we think the Illuminati are actually inserting their plans into board games (let’s face it, that is a poor plan for a super secret society), but because it is slightly spooky.

9/11 card Illunitati card game by Steve JacksonWell sure okay, that is a little weird.

According to the lunatic fringeCutting Edge website there are numerous cards in the “Illuminati: New World Order” game that show real world events years before they happened, because, you know, coincidence. Still, there’s no doubt there is a bit of grim coincidence in a couple of the cards at least.

“In Spring, 1995, Steve Jackson, owner of an occult role-playing card game company, issued his now infamous “Illuminati Card Game”. Every single card within his original decks represented an action the Illuminati was planning to undertake in order to overthrow the Old World Order so the New World Order could be established.”

“Steve Jackson, owner of an occult role-playing card game company”, what is this 1982? Imagine if you started looking more deeply and conspiratorially into the board games we play, the things you would find lurking. “Pandemic” alone is enough to strike fear into the lunatic fringe heart.

Have you noticed and board games / tabletop games that have a truth in them prior to that truth happening? Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook as we’d love to hear it. Sadly thanks to our server hosts, we’ve had to disable comments here at the site. It’s probably a ploy by the New World Order.

Watch out for those Moonies!