Pretty Little Liars Liar's Lament Board Game:

If you haven't heard of the Liar's Lament board game, never fear, it's not a 'real' board game... yet. I'm covering it because it's interesting how social media may very well turn the intangible tangible.

The Liar's Lament board game appears in the season premiere of TV series Pretty Little Liars. This is a show I watch and don't know why, but many of its fans are diehard fans, they love the characters and everything about the show, and now they're calling for Liar's Lament to be picked up and made into an actual board game.

If you don't know Pretty Little Liars the TV show, the premise is fairly simple, a group of girls are being tormented (stalked, tortured) by a masked figure(s) called "A". No one knows who "A" is, but they have access to everything the girls do, like some omnipotent being. Liar's Lament the board game might only exist in the hopes and dreams of its fans at the moment, but the bones of the show might actually make for a cool hidden traitor / survival horror format as far as modern board games go.

As board gamers we all know TV / Movie tie-in games are usually terrible, so there's no reason to think Liar's Lament the board game will be any different, but it's a nice genre with a huge fanbase to kick things off. It will be interesting to keep an eye on this just to see if the fans themselves can make the Liar's Lament board game a reality and what that means for the rest of us and other IP based tabletop games.