The Mansky Caper from Calliope games:

We're fans of Calliope Games, they tend to release a good looking product. Mid next year they're releasing The Mansky Caper, a heist game based in the roaring 20's. First though, it will hit Kickstarter.

Break into the bosses safes, steal all his goods without setting off traps. Get the most loot and win the game.

In The Mansky Caper, players team up to ransack rooms of Al Mansky's mansion, opening safes to find the valuables inside. Split loot with others in the room, and watch out for twists of fortune and dangerous traps that can ruin your plans with a bang! The winner is the player who has accumulated the most loot in their private stash at the getaway car by the time Al’s mansion is completely ransacked.

Did we mention The Mansky Caper comes with pre-built three-dimensional safes? No? Well who doesn't love that!

2–6 Players
30–50 Min
Age: 8+