Meet Borobi, a different kind of ‘games’ news, just for today…

Borobi, the blue, surfing koala. Now Borobi isn’t a board game related thing, but we are proud Gold Coasters (most of the team are from the Coast – except one in NSW). Since board game news is ever so light on the ground today, we thought we’d report on some different sorts of games, the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Borobi Commonwealth Games mascot - A different kind of Games news, just for today.Just for today a different type of ‘Games’ news. Meet Borobi.

These games are close to our hearts, not only because we are proud Aussies, but also because one of the Gameapalooza team works for the Commonwealth Games.

Today the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games celebrated their two years to go and launched their mascot, Borobi (Local Aboriginal launguage for Koala). As we said, we know it’s not board game related – we’ll get back to that tomorrow – but it is ‘Games’ related and we hope you find it interesting. It’s amazing how many non Commonwealth countries are unaware of just how HUGE the Commonwealth Games are.

Back to regular game news tomorrow.